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Five reasons to love sheet vinyl flooring

We overheard a conversation in our showroom recently: A customer told the story about a highly designed floor in a newly remodeled home. When she asked about it, the homeowner responded, “It’s just plain old vinyl.”

Well, said the customer, there was nothing plain about this sheet vinyl. The pattern and color were so brilliant they seemed to almost jump off the floors. What’s more, the floors seemed to have a lot of depth and dimension, certainly not what was remembered from decades ago.

[[cms:companyname], a family-owned company, has been a major retailer of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury and sheet vinyl for over 40 years.

We love these floors; they are the perfect example of “Form + Function.”

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A forgiving floor

Here’s another thing we’ve overheard in our showroom: Someone said that, after 20 years, the vinyl floor still looked great and performed well. (This person also had three dogs and two kids.)

Specifically, they weren’t concerned if kids or pets ran all over it because the floor had good traction which eliminated slips and falls. It’s waterproof and stain resistant, so they also didn’t need to worry about spilled Kool-Aid and dropped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Smith County, TN from L&M Floors
They never saw scratches or scuffs and they loved that it was so soft and flexible.

That made standing much easier, especially when spending a long time in the kitchen preparing family holiday meals.

Stylish savings

It’s budget-friendly, but you won’t have that low-end look. You can get the appearance of wood, tile or stone. It comes in many colors, patterns, and designs and it comes in texturing and matte finishes. It can even be printed with lines to look like the seams made from tiles or wood planks.

Don’t confuse the easy installation of a vinyl tile or plank with that of sheet vinyl. You'll have fewer, but larger, sheets that will be hard to handle. It will require precise measurement and cutting. For the DIY installer, that can add up to a lot of waste. Let the professionals do it.