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Hire professionals to install beautiful flooring

Professionals can quickly finish a flooring installation while you barbecue on the deck. You can check through the door and watch the technicians in the kitchen. You will have more time for family and friends. The professionals at L & M Floors can control problems with a flooring installation, which includes fumes, noise, fatigue and heavy loads. Residents in McMinnville, Murfreesboro, and Smithville should contact us if you are thinking about updating your flooring.


If you choose to install vinyl flooring and live in McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Woodbury, Manchester, or Smithville we are the company for you. Professionals are experienced with installing rolls, tiles, and planks of vinyl. Therefore, the vinyl flooring installation could be completed with minimal risks for you. The rolls that are used for a vinyl flooring installation are much larger than the tiles for a tile flooring installation, which is a less cumbersome project. The vinyl flooring installation may include fumes from glues, which you probably don’t want to deal with.


Tile floors can be installed in any room such as in bathrooms and sunrooms. The professionals at L & M Floors can quickly complete a tile flooring installation with minimal risks and hassles. There is also minimal noise with a tile flooring installation but each individual tile must be installed by hand.


The noisiest flooring installation is with wood. A hardwood installation could include noise from hammering and cutting. A team of professionals can quickly finish a room, which would have exhausted you. The hardwood installation is completed in very small sections, which is similar to a tile flooring installation. The stacks of hardwood are not as bulky as the rolls for a carpet installation. However, the hardwood is heavier than the tiles for a tile flooring installation.


Rolls of carpet are large and similar to the rolls for a vinyl flooring installation. Therefore, a team of professionals are needed for a carpet installation. There is less noise from a carpet installation than from a hardwood installation because a smaller area usually needs to be nailed. The carpet installation should also not produce fumes. Therefore, professionals can quickly complete a flooring installation while you relax.
Flooring Installation in McMinnville, TN area from L&M Floors

Keep your flooring installation looking great for years!

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get new flooring. You may be thinking that you will save money doing the installation by yourself. Well, in some cases a DIY installation may suffice. However, getting your floors installed by a professional such as L&M Floors, is the best way to protect your investment.

As a family-owned company, we have been a major retailer and professional installer of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl for over 40 years.

A poor installation will affect your flooring: as an example, with carpet, it can result in wrinkling, buckling, crooked seams that also skew patterns. For all flooring installations, you will want a professional to measure so you have the right amount and just enough left over in case something may need to be replaced down the line.

Some even go so far as to say it’s as important, if not more so, that the material itself. Our service includes an experienced and highly skilled team.

Come visit us. Our showroom is in McMinnville, TN and we also service Smithville, Woodbury, Warren County, Coffee County, DeKalb County, Smith County, and Van Buren County. Be sure to ask about our free in-home estimate.

We also ship nationwide.

An important first step: choosing the right flooring

Any flooring installation depends upon your lifestyle needs. Do you have guests often? Do you cook frequently? Is your family large or small? Do you have pets? Do you have elderly residents prone to falls and who use mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs? What is your style? What is your budget?

At L&M Floors, part of our flooring installation service is to help our customers choose the perfect flooring for their lifestyle.

What should your installation provider tell you?

  • How to prepare and who is responsible for what. Example: Do you move the furniture, or do they do? Are you responsible for flooring disposal or them?
  • What, exactly, does the quote include? Are there additional charges? Get an itemized estimate in writing; you don’t want to be surprised by additional bills after the fact.
  • Do they follow the manufacturer's warranty requirements? If they don’t, all protections will be voided, and damage will not be covered. This is also a reason why using a professional flooring installer versus doing it yourself is so important.

As your flooring installation provider, we can answer all these questions and guide you through your flooring purchase and installation process smoothly.

Contact us today!

If you think it’s time for new flooring, don’t hesitate – call L & M Floors today. We are here to answer any questions you may have. L & M Floors is proud to service the communities of McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Woodbury, Manchester, Smithville and the surrounding areas.