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Carpet repair & binding services from L&M Floors, extend your carpet options

Carpet repair and binding can reverse damage caused by everyday living. When accidents happen, and more often or not, they happen on the broadloom, carpet repair and binding may be a good solution. Sometimes, you can rearrange the furniture to cover the damage. If that’s not an option, the skilled craftsmen at L&M Floors can repair:

  • Stains
  • Pet damage
  • Open carpet seams
  • Carpet to floor transitions
  • Berber snags
  • Flood damage

If sagging, wrinkly wall-to-wall is the problem re-stretching returns the carpet to the optimal tautness. A mainstay of carpet repair is patching. This works best if there is a piece of remnant to be used as the patch. If that’s not available, carpet can be mined from inside a closet. Unless your carpet is relatively new, the patch will be seamless, but the colors may not precisely match. When this is the case, we recommend using the patch because a slight color difference in the patch is preferable to the original damage.

Carpet binding expands the product horizon for rugs

Carpet binding can turn a piece of remnant or cut order into a stylish area rug or runner. Binding stitches over the remnant ends to stop the edges unraveling. The advantage of carpet binding is that you can size a remnant to your requirements and have it bound.

It’s not practical for renters to install wall-to-wall carpeting. You can get close to wall-to-wall carpeting by carefully measuring each room, select a carpet that will work in your home and have it cut and bound to the size of your rooms. These custom rugs give you the comfort of wall-to-wall with the ease of removal of an area rug.
Carpet Repair & Binding in McMinnville, TN area from L&M Floors

Premier carpet repair and binding services in middle Tennessee

L&M Floors is family-owned and based in McMinnville. We serve Murfreesboro, Woodbury, Manchester, Smithville and the surrounding areas as well. If you have a carpet that could benefit by repairing please give us a call or visit our flooring store in McMinnville. To create a custom area rug within your budget, stop by the showroom so we can go over your needs and discuss your options.

For over 35 years L&M Floors has been the benchmark for flooring service, including carpet repair and binding, in middle Tennessee.