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Dakota Rustic Collection

Dakota Rustic Collection is designed to meet today's ever-growing popularity of building accent walls, rustic furniture and crafts. Our American made product line focuses on providing a consistent product to meet the design needs from large commercial projects to the do-it­ yourself home projects. In an ever-changing design market, there are a few timeless trends that have stayed consistent. The natural beauty of Rustic boards has been a part of our heritage for many generations, but the current demand for reclaimed lumber has created a shortage of sustainable material. Our industry has scoured the countryside in search of dilapidated barns and even weathered snow fences that can be disassembled and refurbished. Dakota Rustic Collection has developed an alternative that takes sustainable raw lumber and processes it to create a weathered appearance in various color schemes. Our product gives the consumer a consistent size that is free of nails and hazardous contaminants, such as lead and arsenic.

Why customers choose Dakota Rustic

Quality product at an affordable price! The multi-purpose product can be used for: accent walls, headboards, barn doors, furniture, shelving, and wall art.

Brown/gray pack

  • 80 bundles per pallet
  • 5 pieces shrink-wrapped and labelled
  • 1 piece of Saddle Bronc (Dark Brown)
  • 2 pieces of Pactola (Light Brown)
  • 2 pieces of Sylvan Lake (Medium Gray)

Gray pack

  • 80 bundles per pallet
  • 5 pieces shrink-wrapped and labelled
  • 1 piece of Storm Mountain (Dark Gray)
  • 2 pieces of Sylvan Lake (Medium Gray)
  • 2 pieces of Roughlock (Light Gray)

Bridal veil falls - white

  • 80 bundles per pallet
  • 5 pieces shrink-wrapped and labeled
  • 5 pieces of Bridal Veil Falls White.
  • One side weathered-look with white and hints of gray, other side whitewashed look.

Badlands - red

  • 80 bundles per pallet
  • 5 pieces shrink-wrapped and labeled
  • 5 pieces of Badlands Red
  • One side weathered-look with red and hints of gray, other side deep red in color.

Dakota Rustic Collection - color options

Dakota Rustic Wallboards - Copy in McMinnville, TN area from L&M Floors

How to figure footage needed

1x6x4’ Retail Packs = 9 square feet per pack
1x6x6’ Retail pack = 13.75 square feet per pack
1x6x6’ Shiplap = 11.87 square feet per pack
Always figure 10 – 15 % waste factor when figuring square footage needed

Pick which side of the board you want to use

  1. Each board will have a weathered face and a rough face.
  2. Weathered face = lighter in color and smoother in texture
  3. Rough face = darker in color and rough texture.
  4. Can mix and match the weathered face and rough face on a wall to give you more variation in color.

Dakota Rustic touchup

  • 8 oz. bottles
  • 8 bottles per box
  • Sold per color

Available colors:
  • Storm Mountain (Dark Gray)
  • Sylvan Lake (Medium Gray)
  • Roughlock (Light Gray)
  • Canyon Lake (Blueish Gray)
  • Saddle Bronc (Dark Brown)
  • Pactola (Light Brown)
  • Badlands (Red Paint)
  • Bridal Veil Falls and Farmhouse (White Paint)

Dakota Rustic Collection gallery

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