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Hardwood floor refinishing adds beauty & value to your home

There are many benefits to refinishing rather than replacing your hardwood floors. The most obvious benefit of choosing to hardwood refinishing is the cost savings. You can refinish your hardwood floors to look almost new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Further benefits of refinishing hardwood flooring include:

  • Refreshing and revitalizing the rooms where the floors were refinished
  • Hardwood floors in excellent condition increase the value of your home
  • Beat up, old floors are uninviting, make your home more livable with brightened floors
  • Old floors are time-consuming to maintain; raised grain holds grit and can sliver off

What can you expect when your hardwood floors are refinished?

You remove all the furniture and appliances and the area to be worked on is swept. That’s it for you. L&M Floors’ refinishing technicians carry it from here. The floor will be sanded with increasingly fine sandpaper to get to pristine wood. After this, any deep gouges or scratches will be repaired. All the sawdust is cleaned up. The stain is applied per manufacturer’s directions, then the protective topcoat is applied. Depending on the time it takes for the topcoat used on your floors to cure, your new floors may be usable in a few hours, or up to a few days.
Hardwood Refinishing in McMinnville, TN area from L&M Floors

L&M Floors’ hardwood refinishing service stands by its work

Since 1979, family-owned L&M Floors provides the value and quality that keeps customers returning. L&M Floors warrantees your ongoing satisfaction with your refinished floors. Our service area is middle Tennessee including Murfreesboro, Woodbury, Manchester, Smithville and the surrounding areas; if you’d like to explore refinishing your hardwood floors, stop by our McMinnville showroom and find out how our flooring services team can bring your floors back to new.