If your hardwood flooring’s original beauty has gone south, you’re probably worrying about how much it’ll cost you to replace it. Lucky for you, you have options at L&M Floors in McMinnville, TN. We have a wide selection of hardwood flooring to choose from, so that is definitely a viable option for you. If you truly love your wood floors and can’t bear to part with them, we have a service that is just what you need.

​Hardwood refinishing can bring the beauty of your hardwood floors back. Through this service your hardwood floors will be sanded and get a new coat of finish. This affordable service is a nice option if you don’t have a huge budget at this point.

Let’s break down both your options.
L&M Floors has a great selection of hardwood flooring options from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. If you are looking for new hardwood floors, figuring out if solid or engineered hardwood flooring is the first step. After that, selecting a species of wood will largely depend on if you are looking for a lighter color wood, darker color wood or on the hardness of the wood. The harder the flooring is, the more durable it is. The Janka Scale is a handy tool to see what hardwood floors might fit your needs. A lot depends on where you want to install the hardwood flooring, as certain rooms in the house are better suited for hardwood. This is one of the questions our team can answer for you when you stop by our McMinnville, TN showroom.

Hardwood refinishing is a process that we provide for you. It’s a simple enough process that involves sanding away whatever surface coating remains on your flooring and then replacing it with a brand new coat that will restore the floors luster, durability and longevity. While hardwood floors generally look good for many years, nothing looks new or lasts forever.
Hardwood refinishing is something you shouldn’t try to tackle yourself. It is a process that should be left to experienced professionals, and our team as the knowledge and experience. Here’s what to expect. We will inspect your home (whichever room or rooms you are looking to get refinished) and be able to give you a quote.
Residents in Cookeville, Clarksville and McMinnville continue to take advantage of this service as it keeps your floors looking good. For more information on our hardwood refinishing service or on the latest trends in hardwood, call L&M Floors today.